How It All Began

Our journey began in 2005 while strolling through the ancient streets of Positano - a picturesque cliffside village on the southern edge of Italy's Amalfi Coast. I was on my honeymoon, and while my Italian husband chatted happily with old friends, I stood by gobsmacked by the level of beauty surrounding us.

The culture, the people, the food, and the fashion (aka Moda Positano- simple, unfussy, sharply cut, clothes).

Every nook and cranny (and there were plenty) down those long cobbly passages housed a shop. Some sold souvenirs (including Positano lemons- they're humongous). Others sold housewares (Positano is famous for its ceramics).

 Brightly painted ceramic bowls, tabletops, and this stunning segmented fish!   brightly colored ceramic dishes and pottery from Positano Italy  



While other shops sold flowers (the most stunning arrangements).     

                           large bouquet of local flowers from Positano Italy Ridiculously beautiful!


taking large bouquet of local Positano Italy flowers for a boat ride

Taking my bouquet for a boat ride. It's bigger than me!


There were also art galleries, cafes, street vendors, and high-end fashion boutiques.

Yes, fashion boutiques.

Window after window displayed the latest runway collections from Prada to Dolce & Gabbana. All amidst a bustling throng of laid back beachgoers meandering breezily towards the beach. Women clad in jersey maxis cinched at the waist with leather belts. Girls sporting handkerchief camisoles with intricately draped skirts. Unlined lace shifts worn over bikinis. So chic and stylish. And despite the balmy weather, they all looked amazing and relaxed.

That long-ago trip was very inspirational. And since then, my husband and I vowed that 'someday' we'd bring the lessons we learned, as well as our shared passion for effortless style, timeless classics, and all things we find beautiful, to life.

Today is 'someday.'






I LOVE POSITANO!! Thanks so much for the pics, I recognize the sties from my trips there. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Magnolia Medichini May 10, 2021

I love your story!! I love your products! Good luck in all that you and your husband do! Auguri to your new adventure “today”!

Jennifer Lipschutz November 05, 2020

Beautiful story, beautiful people! Wishing you great success!

Kathryn D Ramos November 05, 2020

Absolutely beautiful pieces!!!! We will be ordering shortly and can’t wait to see what the next seasons bring!! Congratulations!!!!

Jennifer Lipschutz November 05, 2020

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