Hello 2021, please be kind...

    Carys, enjoying the sites and amenities of California's Nappa Valley


There’s no denying 2020 was a difficult year. Starting in January with the president’s impeachment trial (already in full swing since 2019), then followed - and quickly overshadowed - by the deadly Coronavirus. The virus led to businesses laying off millions of its workers and sadly, for too many of them, permanently shuttering after months of being closed, or unable to operate because of CDC guidelines. As a result, unemployment exploded. And for many with little to no savings, no job meant they had no income to pay for life’s essentials, let alone a new blouse or pair of shoes. Months later, the virus is still running rampant, weddings and large gatherings continue to be postponed (or have been canceled altogether), and dining out is still not a safe option (at least indoors). So with disposable income nearly or completely depleted, it’s no wonder the economy tanked.   

So why buy new clothes? Well, for one, because it makes us feel good.


                         Remus flirting with our model, Taty, during her break



Dressing up, and not just to zoom with your boss or long missed friends, but also to snuggle with your honey or your pup (not necessarily in that order ;-)) and even to run errands, is a instant mood lifter. It may sound frivolous, but anything that helps to uplift, offers comfort, and grounds us, is particularly important right now. Savvy designers (such as our amazing team) understand that we need to be especially creative right now, to be especially sensitive to our customers needs, and to follow through with that sensitivity in their collections.

Also highlighting the important role fashion plays in our life are social media and news outlets: for fashion https://www.vogue.com/fashion, for news https://www.huffpost.com/life/style, entertainment https://www.etonline.com/media/videos/celeb-inspired-cozy-outfits-billie-eilish-espkendall-jenner-and-more-158251, and social (https://www.instagram.com/sweetkissiesboutique/). Posting images and videos on wellness and beauty, as well as livestreaming events and ‘how-to’ tutorials, the internet has brought fashion into our homes, showed us how fashion is changing for the better, and offered us a safe way to engage.

Fashion may have stalled for a beat in 2020, but it also kick-started several trends that were a long time coming: inclusion, sustainability, and diversity to name a crucial few. 

So fasten your seatbelts, ladies, because 2021 is just getting started.

    Taty enjoying the view in Richmond, Virginia

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