Hello Fall 2021. Why is it still so...warm?

Woman wearing stylish racer back grey tank top t-shirt with butterfly shape fashion sunglasses by sweet kissies boutique


September, the official harbinger of cooler days and even chillier nights. At least that was the case before CLIMATE CHANGE.

Yes, my beautiful readers, CLIMATE CHANGE, it’s real and sadly, (along with Covid MUTATIONS) our new reality. But aside from lobbying our representatives to get on board and start protecting our planet, as well as diligently cutting our own individual carbon prints, we can embrace life, each other (especially when it’s super hard) and our own sense of self. How we treat one another (ALWAYS WITH APPRECIATION AND RESPECT) and what we contribute to society is way more important than how much we’re worth (FINANCIALLY, that is), what exercise regime we follow, our religious beliefs, and what our political stance is.

Sadly, that IS NOT our realty.

The image we project - posing with your lips pursed and modeling body-bearing styles - will ALWAYS get YOU more LIKES and even more FOLLOWS in social media.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I love skimpy outfits, great hair, and owning the hottest trend. It’s fun - like you won the lottery - but it’s not what TRULY matters. And not what SWEET KISSIES BOUTIUE is about.

Loving one another (as cliché as that sounds), respecting each other, valuing everyone’s views, and trusting the facts, that’s what we’re about. That’s what it should all be about.

But again, that is not our reality.

Okay, so we fight, we rally, we bitch and complain, but we do our part. We always do our part. And hopefully, one day soon (though I am not holding my breath), our message of inclusivity and fairness, and fcking LOVE, will get through our more hard-headed brethren and they too will open their hearts to our message of PEACE & LOVE.