Dressing Up To Stay In

The concept of ‘dressing up to stay in’ is gaining popularity. Especially after months of dressing only in sweats.

After all, we were all under mandatory 'stay at home orders' at one point or another. And with no other outlet, or need to dress up, we naturally gravitated towards our TVs, our desktops, and even our ovens.

Following days upon weeks of doing only that, it’s no wonder the loose-fitting and well-worn sweat-set quickly became America’s go-to uniform.

Laidback felt good, comfortable, like home. But the urge to groom, to primp, and preen (dormant for the first few weeks of the pandemic) has steadily grown. Yet according to industry experts, as stated in a WELL + GOOD article by Mary Grace Garis (https://www.wellandgood.com/fashion-trends-2021-comfy-clothes/) we are never going back to our pre-pandemic wardrobe. Our choices, like our values, have shifted. Gone is the rigidity of our office attire. Taking its place are styles that revolve around a less restrictive aesthetic and a ‘comfort-centered’ lifestyle in which our clothes must now fit into.


On the other hand, we also want, and need, pieces that are not only functional but also well-designed and versatile.

In a nutshell, we still want to dress up.

We want to look like we are going somewhere, anywhere, other than the grocery store.


That’s the challenge facing every brand this year, next year, and the foreseeable future. But it’s one SWEET KISSIES BOUTIQUE, gladly embraces. Crafting pieces that are utterly wearable, unfussy, comfortable, yet (for lack of a better word) still fancy, has been, and continues to be, our mission since day one. And to meet that end, our team of designers focus on silhouettes that enhance and move with you, and select fabrics that stretch, breathe, and that are soft to the touch.

Remember, at SWEET KISSIES BOUTIQUE, it's all about you wearing the clothes, and NEVER about the clothes wearing you.

black long sleeve jersey top with keyhole and draping at front worn with long black palazzo pants both by sweet kissies boutique

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